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The Saga Continues from the "New Arrival....Related Players - Torch; Jay; Djordji; Rathain; Atara; Rosalina" Thread

posted Dec 14, 2011 01:59:39 by regnhild
regnhild said Nov 20, 2011
OCC))Okies we have had a long breather... Torch has been fighting with Djordji and Raziel dreaming. Here is what has been occurring in the interim of our breather. ((

Almost before you are able to blink, your bonds are cut through and your grabbed and pulled off in the direction of the Main Gate. You noticed a flash of red hair, and then you are on the street outside of the cementary. Atara looks up at you, grins, and gets on her Lipstick Red Ninja 500... "Better hurry before your toast", she joked as she drove away toward the plantation.

Torch grimaces in anger..before the grimace left his face he was beside the speeding bike reaching forth with his hand and punching through the aluminium tank, with a deep breathe he focuses his energies into his hand causing the tank, the rear of the bike and his left side front and back to take flame. Atara back flipped off the back landing in a crouched position, breathing deeply. She was burned on her back but only enough to cause discomfort. Upon landing, she takes on the defenses of the Cobra, transforming in one between breaths. Torch threw a punch, it landed and though it hurt greatly. Atara swerved away from him. Dislike and distrust growing in her eyes, hatred glowing in Torch's. Atara calls upon skin of the Adder to help withstand the ferocious blows that Torch delivered. Even with this, her strength was beginning to wane.Torch sensing this threw up Wall of Flame to corner her and prevent her retreat, she called upon Flowing Wall to counter that attack.
In his last punch, Atara bit Torch using Blood To Water defense, causing his blood to thin. He retaliated with Might, and
her bite had thinned his blood too much. She tried to vanish, though his furious hit stopped her. Torch becoming aggravated with the fight lets loose Hand of Flame . Following through with a lethal punch, knocks her out. He then picks her up and bodily throws her into the trunk of his car, and drives to the plantation. Just beating the dawn by minutes.
He leaves the car, slamming the door, looks over at Alex, threw his keys toward him. " Gift for you and you better hurry." He chuckled as he entered the plantation.


The closer you get to the source of the screams, the deeper the darkness grows. The metal scaping is heard clearer now. It surrounds you and flickers of sparks appear to flash every where. You note with your heightened senses, that this is not just any ordinary shadow. As you do a scream is heard yet again, deeper into the gloom. Your senses also sense the oncoming dawn. You perhaps have an hour left before you need to seek refuge.

Liulfr looked at the sleeping childer and chuckled... "Aye, lad ye have a lot to learn.." He, then looked upon Djordji's hands and wrists. Twas as he suspected. Now if the childer can control his temper... he may learn something. Liuflr chuckled and left the sleeping one.~~~~~The childer continued to sleep. His dreams were filled with thoughts of a dark-haired kindred with a haunted expression and the twin suns that had taken up residence in his palms. As if by magic, his consciousness seemed to drift out over the city of Savannah in his dream state.~~~~~ In his scrambling to gain some hope of freedom, Djordji's hand fell against the Waffediyok nestled against his bare chest. He saw the brush of bright auburn hair that held the brass and shine of a new copper penny. His hand closed on the Waffediyok and he absently looked down to fix his gaze on the amulet he wore. As his gaze fixed firmly on the amulet, he said in Romanian, "Mama..." At that instant, the dream world, the voice and its sickening caress disappeared into a black void that erased itself from Djordji's memory. The childer awakened from his sleep and sat bolt upright in the bed, crying out but a single name, "Amadeus!"

As the childer awakened, he noticed that he was able to move with almost no pain, and the bone in his shin had mended nicely. Looking down he noted that he was still in his latest fashion short short shorts. Having dried in his sleep they were abit on the tight side. To the point of discomfort. Still clasping the Waffediyok, he stepped from the bed and onto the floor. As soon as his feet touched the cool heartpine planks, Molly burst into the room, followed by Halifax.
"Court will be beginning soon, you may wish to change into something more appropriate." Halifax stated as he coolly accessed the half dressed childer. His light grey eyes slide down Djordji's frame, taking note of anything out of place. "You look healed enough." With that he placed a stack of clothing upon the foot of the bed, turned on his heel and began to leave. Molly with her arms crossed, stamped her foot, nodded pointedly to the clock on the wall.. and followed behind Halifax.


With sweat soaked locks of ebony hair clinging to your face, you fought through the last tormenting dream.
Within this dream, you see familiar faces of long ago. Before you turned. Glimpses of what once was yet never to be had again. A black and white sunrise, a child's loving gaze. A woman's gentle hand upon your arm, the call to the breakfast table filled with scones, clotted cream, and curd. Tumbles in the strawberry fields with the special someone...
Then a face of someone unfamiliar appears, it was covered with a mask only showing the eyes. Eyes that shimmered and caught the light, slightly upturned at the edges, almond shaped. Knives surround this personage of unknown origin, uniquely shaped ones like stars; oddly dressed individual; with loose fitting, dark wrapped clothing.
Then she appears, her eyes mock you. Her lips tease you. And she beckons you to come back.

Djordji said Nov 23, 2011
ICC)) Djordji notices that Halifax seems to be giving him the eye and the childer allowed himself to imagine that Halifax was very much liking what he saw of the mostly naked kindred. Djordji felt a subtle shift in his mood and in his anatomy. He knew that if he looked in the mirror opposite the bed, he would see that his eyes had shifted to their luminescent amethyst. Just to check, he eased himself out of the bed and eased his full weight down on his feet. As he began to move, however, he was brought up short by a tightness and pinching in the region of his groin. Not really wanting to be delicate with the remains of his leather pants, he shredded the remnants of his defunct clothing and stood, stark naked in the middle of the room. One glance at the mirror told him all he needed to know. His eyes were shining like two bright purple lights in the dark. It reminded him of the lights atop the coroner's van he had seen in the past. Taking a deep breath to concentrate, the childer spends a willpower to control his eyes. He may have to feel the waves of lust from his vice, but he didn't have to flash everyone at court with an amethyst light show. Besides that, he felt a weariness of soul that had nothing to do with his vice. Where Torch had slung him, he had healed. He looked down at his wrists and palms and he felt a lump of terror begin to rise at the strange tattoos of solid gold that he now bore. Keep it under control, he told himself. He still felt like he was coated in muck from the river and promptly padded to the bathroom and where he found an ornate clawed footed tub in white porcelain with a shower curtain and a rain shower type shower head overhanging it. He stepped and turned turned the water up hot. Djordji relished the feel of the steamy water sluicing down his body and washing the grime and tiredness away. He was pleased to note that the soap was lavender scented and the the shampoo that was available was jasmine scented and it complimented the lavender nicely. His vice was in full swing as his anatomy was attesting to and he did his best to ignore it's teasing. Moments later he emerged from the shower refreshed and ready for business. He tried not to think of Torch. When he did, his anger started to burn and he felt his Ravnos instincts kicking in and he begins to plot the most satisfying and elaborate forms of revenge. He finished toweling himself off and looked at the clothes that Halifax had selected for him to wear. It was all very drab. Djordji DID NOT do drab. He was all about color and flash. The grey clothes looked like the matte paint of a naval battleship and he felt his mood sink a little with it. The shirt would have been bearable if the drabness of the grey had been broken by a pattern or some small splash of color to give it life. As it was, it was solid and made of cotton. The childer preferred silk. The trousers were grey linen, but he still had no shoes. Djordji stuffed himself into the trousers which hugged his firm bottom snugly and showed off his legs nicely and tried to force his wayward anatomy to behave. As an added precaution, he wore the button up shirt out so that it covered his crotch. He rolled the sleeves up and left the top two buttons on the shirt open. He didn't know why, but he fished the Waffediyok out and let it dangle freely about his chest. He had toyed with the idea of taking it off before he climbed into the shower, but something stopped him and as he wrapped his had around it to remove it; an unspeakable fear gripped his heart and he decided to leave the talisman around his neck. Now it gleamed in the low light of the room and he felt reassured. He had questions. Maybe there were answers to be had in court. It was time to start being the Ravnos he knew he was. And maybe, just maybe, a chance to pay Torch back for his "kindness" would present itself. Brushing out his still damp, raven locks, the childer softly padded out of his room and downstairs toward court.((OCC

Djordji said Dec 05, 2011
ICC))Djordji stepped lightly down the stairs of the grand old manse. He noted the ancient paintings along the walls and stopped briefly to admire the paintings of the presumably long dead former owners of the plantation. There were gentlemen and ladies fair dressed in Victorian finery as well as pictures of precocious youths dressed in Little Lord Fauntleroy-like styles with fair-haired spaniels reclining restfully at their feet. His eyes were drawn to one picture of a dark-haired man in what appeared to be charcoal grey Victorian finery. The shirt appeared to be of a light grey material with an ivory waistcoat of which the painter had done an excellent job in capturing the detail of. To Djordji's kindred senses, the workmanship was quite exquisite and the needlework held hints of gold thread among the ivory cloth which appeared to be an expensive brocade. The only other hint of color was a scarlet cravat at the man's throat that was held in place by a large diamond brooch and his eyes were a deep indigo and Djordji felt himself being pulled into them as though the painting itself were threatening to consume him. The man also sported a full beard and mustache that was neatly trimmed. Djordji could have sworn he heard a husky male voice call his name with the barest hint of a whisper, "Djordji..

The childer felt a sudden wave of dizziness overcome him and he blinked his eyes a few times before he found himself lying down in the grass and staring up into the light of the noonday sun. He instantly knew that something wasn't right and in a panic, he tried to run and find shelter. He scrambled under a tree and he looked over his skin and to his amazement he saw that his skin had not started to burn and peel in the sun's rays. Was this another dream, he asked himself? Instantly, he felt a hand around his throat and he turned around painfully to see the eyes and penny-colored hair of the tormentor of his previous dream staring at him from the space of just inches. And suddenly, Djordji's memory came flooding back. "Get the hell off of me, Amadeus! I don't belong to you anymore! I'm free of you! Let me go!" The childer struggled all to no avail, as Amadeus tightened his grip. He hissed, "Djordji, I will always find you and not even Regnhild can save you from me. I own you! I MADE you! You are mine, dear childer! You might have your Waffediyok, but you can't concentrate on it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week." The childer struggled to get his hands around the talisman that hung from his neck. He felt the bones in his neck starting to snap. If he didn't somehow fight Amadeus off soon, he knew he would meet the final death even in this dream like state. He felt himself start to lose consciousness when his sharp hearing picked up the twang of an arrow being released from a bow. He heard Amadeus howl in pain as his maker's hand came away from his throat and Djordji collapsed to his knees. He looked up in time to see the man from the painting in the stairwell standing over him in medieval type garb and he had the longbow already knocked with another arrow ready to let loose. In a deep baritone he hissed, "Still haunting your childer, Amadeus? Leave this one alone. He has a destiny all his own free from you." At this warning, Amadeus bared his fangs and hissed at the stranger. He then pointed to Djordji and hissed, "The talisman and your mother's people can't save you forever, my childer. I WILL FIND YOU!!!" And with that scream of outrage, Amadeus vanished like mist in the morning sun. The tall and dark stranger turned his attentions to Djordji. The childer noticed that his hair flowed in sable waves down his back with hints of curl in it and although his clothes were different, his eyes were not deceiving him and it was the man from the stairwell painting as he had first surmised. The man held a hand out to help him up. Djordji looked at his erstwhile savior and as the man smiled at him, he caught a glimpse of fang. The man was another kindred such as he and Amadeus were. He spoke in his deep baritone, "Be at peace, my prince, Djordji. Not all kindred wish you harm as Amadeus does. Indeed, if there was one wish I would have for you, is that you would remember us when you awoke. Maybe it is the protection of your mother and the Waffediyok that blocks your memory. I do wish, my prince, that you could remember me; I who love you and will always protect you. However, fear not. Just as Amadeus seeks to find you out in real life, so I seek you out in real life to protect you, my prince. When you wake, you doubtless will not remember this dream, but know this, I will always strive my best to find and protect you." With that, the dark-haired kindred leaned in and kissed Djordji lightly on the lips. He then put the Waffediyok in Djorji's hand as he turned to leave. As he walked away, the dream world began to fade away like mist. Djordji cried after him, "Please, tell me your name!" The faint sound came back to him, "I am known, my prince, as Rhade."

The childer came back to consciousness and found himself sitting slumped on the floor. He looked at the painting of the gentleman and his memory grasped at fleeting remnants of a dream he could not remember. "Damn," he wondered to himself, "How much damage did Torch do to me?" He stood up and continued down to court. ((OCC

regnhild said Dec 06, 2011
Narrator ICC))
As the childer continued down the hallway, muttering to himself about Torch. Liulfr stepped from the alcove where he was watching the final traces of the night fade away into the oncoming dawn, shutting the titanium shutters and locking them into place, he had overheard the childer stumble and waited to see what would happen, as the kinder looked to be in a blissful daydream, not wishing to intrude. Liulfr watched as the childer face showed an internal struggle then one of confusion set in before he awaken, causing Liulfr to quickly duck once again into the darkened alcove.
Once the childer had awakened and cursed his run in with the little hothead of the court only then to stumble away still cursing did Liulfr step out of hiding.
Going over to the painting on the wall, Liuflr chuckled deeply. He straightened the painting though it was already so, and he spoke to the personage within.."Ah, Rhade, hyvä mies, oletko ollut jopa teidän temppuja uudelleen, vanha poika?
childer on edelleen heikko, ja te olette leikkii hänen unelmansa. Sanastokeskus TSK, Tiedät
paremmin. Tiedät, että hän on turvassa täällä, vaikka pojat ovat poikia testosteroni taistella meneillään. Prinssi tai no prinssi, hän on oppia ja kasvaa. Myönnän, hän olisi voinut valita eri ystävällisempi oppia. Mutta valitettavasti hän on
itsepäinen yksi ja koska hän teki valintansa. Joten, ota hieman pidättyvyyttä, jos tahdot." Once the words were uttered, a golden glow lit up Liulfr's eyes only to again recede. The paintings visage changed as well, a look of acceptance and respect appeared briefly as its own eyes lit with a lighter golden glow that lasted mere seconds, only to recede once again into the original expression that it had held. Luilfr again chuckled, patted the portrait and walked toward Raziel's room.

regnhild said Dec 07, 2011
Narrator ICC))
As Djordji continued in his musings, he wandered about different corridors, unsure of which way to go. Before long he was several corridors away from the portrait that had so intrigued him and unbeknownst to him about to walk into a war zone. Or so he thought...
A rather large and heavy antique Egyptian open backed chair with winged lions flew by his head and hit the Grecian pillars that ran the length of this corridor. Before he was able to turn in the direction from whence it came, a large ivory carving came flying behind, and after it a rather large jar. A scream is heard, one of aggression and anger, in a language that Djordji had not heard before, but he was sure what was being said was not asking after the pleasantries of the day. Then, before he could breathe, a small black clad figure with flowing red hair stormed past him, brushing him aside like he was a feather and he stumbled again to fall onto his bum, but not without Djordji noting that there were some bruising and her hair was slightly shorter. As the figure stormed down the corridor, Alec trailed behind, seeing Djordji on the floor, he extended his hand, offering to assist in Djordji's regaining his footing.

Djordji said 5 days ago
ICC)) Djordji was thoroughly convinced that Torch wanted him dead. At the very least he figured Torch wanted his head as a trophy on the wall to hang somewhere in the hall where court was held and he grimly amused himself with the thought of Torch making sure he was caught in some grotesquely amusing rictus of horror so that the other embraced would be sure to get a good laugh. In Djordji's view, Torch was preparing himself for some kind of power play. Then again, he mused, it was probably just his imagination. He had to admit to himself, he had rather been acting like a spoiled prince since he arrived. He honestly didn't think, however, that he could be blamed for that; he was a Ravnos. However, even as the thought crossed his undead brain, he felt it was a cop-out and that it had started to sound like a tailor-made mantra for him. "I did say that I was going to start thinking more instead of acting on impulse all the time. Maybe it was those impulses which led to this." He closed his eyes and brought his hands up to his face. He opened his eyes and looked at his hands and palms. Try as he might, the brands would not disappear as much as he might will for them to. As long as he didn't consciously think about them, he didn't start to freak out. But he replayed the events in his mind. He was branded, and then he teleported in a shower of golden-white orbs of light into the middle of the Wilmington River. Then, once he had managed to slog his way out of the river and back onto the dry land of the cemetery, he had proceeded to show Torch his hands and wrists, he had ended up being tossed across the cemetery (OK, vice influence notwithstanding) into a tomb and nearly killed before being teleported over hill and over dale before he found himself back in the manse. He'd show Lord Liulfr his hands and then promptly fell asleep and had weird dreams. Only he couldn't remember them. There was only one name he COULD remember and that was because he had woken screaming it...Amadeus. Who or what was Amadeus? And why would he dream about this person? He tried to make a mental connection to the name only to draw a complete blank. He thought that there was someone else involved...someone he thought he knew intimately and all he could remember there was long raven hair that held the odd curl. I have got to stop watching the late late show on the idiot box he mused. He then remembered the way he had woken up on the staircase. Who was to say that there wasn't some lingering effect from Torch's attack that was affecting him. He was suddenly nervous. Absently, his hand closed on the Waffediyok and it was as if he was noticing it properly for the first time. He noticed the platinum in the talisman seemed to complement and counterpoint the gold emblems on his hands. What was it about this token from his mother? Had Torch secretly desired it? He didn't understand how because he had not worn it openly until after his shower just moments ago. He decided tact was called for. It wouldn't do to have an outburst in court. He clearly remembered that Regnhild looked as if she were ready to drop from the exertion of looking after Raziel. He just wanted to make his report to the Prince and see what drama unfolded from there. And while he was at it, maybe, just maybe, he could get some answers about the emblems on his wrists and his cousin Alec. He was suddenly very high spirited. Yes, he thought, things are definitely looking up.

It was at that moment that the large chair crashed into the pillar nearest him. The childer ducked to avoid being clobbered stone cold by the piece of errant furniture and landed squarely on his butt. The chair was followed by a carving that appeared rather ornate and a jar that appeared made from pure alabaster. He looked up in time to see...Atara, was it? Yes, see Atara storm past in a rage. She seemed a little worse for wear and wondered who had had a go at her. He noticed hot on her heels was his own wayward cousin who stopped to offer him a hand up from his prone position on the floor. Accepting to proffered hand, Djordji hauled himself back to his feet and said, "Ah. I'm glad to see the face of someone who doesn't want me dead. You don't want me dead, do you?" He didn't give Alec a chance to respond before he said, "Looks like someone had a go at Atara. What's up that caused all the ruckus that i was nearly a party to? Anyway, I'm glad I ran into you. You know that they sent me to find you. They want me to report back on why you seemed to have disappeared off of everyone's radar. So, what's the story with you and the red-headed fury? They want you to come home, you know and I'll be honest; I can't say I blame them. I've only been in Savannah for about 72 hours and in that time, I've been under more threat than in the entire one hundred and sixty-three years since my embrace. Does she have some hold on you because the rumor is that you've blood-bonded yourself to her. I was heading down to court to explain the events of the previous evening and I'm lost in this massive house. How about escorting me down to court and filling me in on the way? And for what it's worth, I'm happy to see you again." Djordji indicated with a wave for Alec to lead the way. the other kindred seem to hesitate and Djordji quipped, "If her mood is anything like what I stumbled upon, then I think a little alone time is in order. Come, let's take this opportunity to talk." The duo proceeded in the direction of court. ((OCC

Atara_Durden said about 5 hours ago
ICC))As she continued down the hallway, She couldn't help but notice the resounding silence other than her heels clicking on the floor. What happened to shuffling of feet behind her, the ones that always followed her every where she went? She stopped dead in her tracks and turned to see Alec conversing with that jester of a childer. Already pissed off to the point where she wanted to break the neck of the slimly little idiot named Torch. He BURNED her HAIR for the love of thats holy. "ALEC! Just where do you think you are going?" She stared at Alec waiting for his response. Seeing that it was getting her no where she said in an extemely low tone barely above a whisper sent telepathically, "If you make me late for Court, I'll lash you 500 times." With that she'd flipped her hair and returned to stomping down the corridor on the way to Court, arriving at the doors, she hesitated. How would she handle Torch with her dignity intact? She couldn't blantly ignore him but then agian she shouldn't be expected to speak to him. Pushing those thoughts aside, still unsure how shed handle Torch she'd shove the doors open that sperated her and Court. Holding her head sturdy and high, She walked into court, taking her seat debating on slitting Torch's throat right there in court or not, the ungrateful git. Saving his sorry butt was a mistake. Deciding that she will not save his sorry self agian. Seething, she sat there etching a peice of limestone she picked up on the way out of her room.))OCC
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Djordji said Dec 20, 2011 01:17:58
ICC))"Alec, what in the nine hells kind of hold does she have on you," Djordji hissed to Alec at just above a whisper as Atara sauntered into Court. "Mama Sofia wants to know. I want to know. Yes, we are kindred now, but in our former lives I was your prince. I could demand that you tell me I suppose. All I'm asking for is that you give me something to report back to the clan. And no, I'm not trying to stoke Atara's anger any further. This trip I think I've learned enough to stay away from the fire. It's not Romania, that's for damned certain." The childer sighed. There were too many pieces to this bizarre and grotesque puzzle and none of them seemed to fit together, at least as far as he was able to tell. He would at least hopefully get an answer from Alec. But there was still the question of who or what was the dragon, who was Amadeus and what did he or it want, why was he branded and why had Torch tried to kill him? He began to turn the puzzle over in his mind. Were the dragon and Torch in league with one another? He had to admit it might be a possibility, although he had seen the dragon try to light Torch's Anarch symbol on fire. Maybe it was an antagonistic working relationship? Even to his sense of logic, that didn't seem to hold water. He dismissed the thoughts and just decided to wait and see what unfolded in court. He would stay out of Atara's way and see what, if any decrees Regnhild would hand down in court, and when the time was right, he'd speak his piece. He wouldn't run now...there were too many questions and nowhere near enough answers.

He looked back at Alec and his fellow clansman had the look of a lovesick puppy. Djordji knew he was no match for Atara's strength and he was not prepared to countenance a rival. He stuck his hands in his pockets and sulked somewhat, a throwback from his days as a human. He would just wait to see what, if anything, happened in court. Depending on how things went, he might just allow his Ravnos nature out to play a little. One thing he was learning was that flying off the handle wouldn't get him the answers he sought right now. However, the time would come when it hopefully would. Not waiting for Alec to respond, but hoping for some answer at some point, he turned to follow Atara into court, noting that she had stopped and was carving a piece of stone. He deliberately made sure his bare feet made slapping sounds on the floor as he walked past and headed for his chair.((OCC
"One day, I shall come back; yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine." William Hartnell as the First Doctor, Doctor Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth, copyright BBC 1964.
JohnDurden said Dec 20, 2011 13:12:17
~Rath drops three flashbang grenades only to have each one fizzle out. Growing tired of the duds, he then just dropped four in a circle around him and covered his eyes and ears as he waits for them to go off.These did go off without a hitch and as he looked up expecting to see somthing in the bright afterlight. Only seeing a prostrate human woman that he assumed was the one screaming earlier, he stepped toward her. Just as he did he noticed that an inch wide claw mark on the wall next to him only stopping within a few inches from his face.Deciding there is no point in sticking around due to the lack of time left before dawn; Rath uses his cells GPS to find his hummer and Vashawn whom he had called ealier so he could get to safty before the sun rose. Just as he was leaving the alley under his hooded trench coat, a flicker appeared in the corner of his vision,and a breeze brushed past him. He glanced back and saw another vamp with the look of a Giovanni appeared leaning over the woman. He then glanced up furtively, and back again toward the alley, exclaiming a few expletives about the lack of time to complete his investigation. At the end of his row, a black tinted hummer pulled up next to the sidewalk where he was walking, and the door flew open for him to enter into safety. The door closed behind him and Vashawn stepped on the gas and drove like the wind to their townhouse, entering into the underground garage just as the sun began to crest the oak lined street.~
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regnhild said Dec 21, 2011 23:11:19

As the morning sun streaked across the squares, the droplets of dew within the moss shone like sparking gems in the orange beams.

Rathain climbed from SUV still rankled about his near miss in the alley. Vashawn looked over toward him, and watched as his student shuddered with anger. The bloodlust was still in his eyes. Then he watched as Rathain walked over to "Bob"; the realistic sparring partner that they had in the basement of this haven, and began to deliver blows that would cause any vamp in the area to suffer. Vashawn left him to his thoughts and made his way up the winding stair to the darkened space he called home. "Tonight heralds to be fun." He smirked as he laid upon the silken futon.

Atara continued to whittle the piece of broken limestone her beloved Bast statue. Aside from the focused whittling, she looked calm, serene and the only sign to show that she had had any upset was her hair was notably shorter.

Alec walked calmly to stand at Atara's back. He crossed his arms and didn't even pay Djordji the attention that he is used to have from his close kin.

Djordji settled into his chair after his slap happy announcement that he was present in the room. He tried without luck to gain Alec attention, and noticed that Atara's beautiful hair was shorter. Now it swung closer to her hips. Still was a mystery as to why she was rearranging furniture in her corridor.

Torchwas sitting perched in the Brujah chair, smiling like a Cheshire cat on catnip and cream. The self satisfaction emitted into the room was almost palatable.

Rosalina entered the court as per her norm, entourage and all. The fawning whelps of men ran to pull out her chair, and settled her down before leaving hastily. She temples her delicately long fingers and peered over them into the room, and about the table. Listening intently, but not uttering a word.

The door from the rear of the chamber opened and a thin well built figure entered. Long tousled ebony locks, grey eyes set above a patrician nose, a well defined jawline, about his throat glinted a golden chain, that slipped under the loose linen poet sleeved shirt, which happened to be tucked into leather pants that molded to this being, down his tapering long legs to his deep black biker boots.
All eyes in the room turned to him, and followed his progress to the Lasombra chair. Raziel maintained his composure and held his head high. A slight pallor seemed to sit under his natural light tone. But aside from that he appeared to be in better spirits than the last appearance he made in court.

Short on his heels, Molly came strutting into the room. Grinning like she had discovered the next frontier, she bounced up on the table and stroll over to the Tremere seat. Halifax entered and stood in his favorite area of the room, just to the right of the stage upon which sets Charlie's chair.

Luilfr just appeared on the left of the stage area, while others were viewing Raziel's grand re-entry. As the others watched Raziel, Luilfr watches the court. A smile played about his lips and his eyes twinkled deeply. He was amused.

As the court settled down from the appearance of a long missed member of court, a tension filled the room as the memories from the night previous prodded those with whom the incidences had occurred.
At that moment, Regnhild entered in through the same door that Raziel had just entered. She was radiant; her blonde hair flowing loose about her shoulders and a peace filled her face. She was dressed abit differently than her usual jeans and tee, or leathers. She actually wore a deep emerald green sarong with gold sandals lacing up her legs. Her draconic bangles were ever present. She sat upon Charlie's chair and appeared to be waiting.
As she sat a chair was brought forth from a backroom. It was a Rosewood Qing Dynasty sedan chair. A chair that is not typical to the court or Regnhild's taste. Though Rosalina noting the fine lines of the piece, quality and age; thus adding to its value. "Who deserves this type of seating?' was her thought. No sooner had the thought formed than the entry doors opened and in walked a barrage of Asian males, all dressed in Versace, Rosalina noted this as well as the fact that these were no ordinary fobs. They were deadly. Amongst the center of the troupe, a tiny woman walked. She swayed sinuously as she smooothly glided to the sedan chair and sat upon it regally.
Just as the lady settled, the golden dragon appeared upon the back of the ornate chair and glared toward the wayward one.

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Djordji said Dec 22, 2011 02:55:48
ICC))Djordji felt like sinking into his Primogen's chair and hoping that he could magically become invisible. He tried to subtly look around the room. He knew that the dragon was staring daggers at him and he tried his able best to avoid the great lizard's gaze. He looked over at his cousin, Alec. The snotty bastard wouldn't even meet his gaze and the childer gave up any hope of getting any kind of answer out of him. The self-satisfied look on Torch's face was impossible to miss. He wasn't certain, but based on the shortened length of Atara's hair, he could well imagine that some sort of something or other had gone down between the two of them. That would explain the flying furniture in the hallway just moments before. He had to admit that Atara was doing beautifully, as far as he could see, at hiding her embarrassment. The childer wondered what exactly had happened and what it was she was carving into the stone...

He continued to let his gaze sweep around the room. Rosalina was very poised and appeared very thoughtful as though she were contemplating deep mysteries to which only she was privy. However, it was Raziel's entrance that made Djordji's heart and his libido skip a beat. The Lasombra was exuding mass sexual appeal and Djordji's vice reared it's head and along with it, Djordji's genitals stood to attention. He fought to keep his eyes shifting to their luminescent purple glow. He noticed that Molly was in the Tremere chair. Since Molly was Halifax's sidekick/companion/what have you, that answered one more question and one he didn't even know he had. The childer's hand went absently to the chain of the Waffediyok and he adjusted the chain about his slender neck causing the talisman to catch the light in the room and glint dimly in the artificial light. It was the first time he had brought the talisman out for all to see. He continued to play with it. He noticed that Halifax was standing to the left of the stage and Lord Liulfr to the right. The smile on Liulfr's lips was not lost on Djordji and he wondered what the elder vampire could possibly have to smile about? Was he happy that Raziel seemed to be free at last from whatever had been tormenting him? The childer made a point to ask him about that next chance he got.

Then, of course, there was the dragon. He was the only one who could see the dragon. Regnhild wore dragon armbands, and although she hadn't derided him about seeing the beast, she had neither supported him. Of all in the court, only Liulfr seemed to take him halfway seriously. Djordji hazarded a glance at the dragon. Oh yeah, the dragon was PISSED. Hoping to go unnoticed, he weakly raised a hand to his chest, waved at the beast and managed a sheepish grin. He knew that wouldn't make up for his earlier comments, but what the hell? The damage was done now and he was marked. Maybe the dragon would feel like talking later, IF he didn't incinerate Djordji on the spot. At that thought there was a slight chuckle from the childer.

Djordji felt as though he were going to smother. Between his vice and the tension in the room, he thought he would smother, which was odd, because, being a kindred, he had no need to breathe. He didn't want to risk Regnhild's wrath, especially as she seemed at peace for the time being, but he felt as if his head would explode from the pressure.

And then it happened...

The mental image was out and across Djordji's mind before he could have said boo to a cat. He pictured in his undead mind, his head with a lit fuse that fizzled away as it burned closer to its intended target. Then in his mental picture, his head exploded like a bomb sending gobbets of brain and other things splattering across the room. A big blob of brain smacked Torch square in the eye and knocked the upstart Brujah out of his chair. Atara fared no better, when part of Djordji's mental matter lodged itself in her prized hair along with a good bit of Ravnos blood making her already flaming red hair darker. The childer chuckled at the thought of her screaming about her hair some more...And before he knew it, the mental scene playing itself across his imagination. Try as he might, the childer could not stop his chuckling, although he did his best to mask it. His chuckling was gradually getting louder and as he tried to stifle it, the occasional snort would erupt causing the others the look in his direction. Holy shit, he thought, Lady Regnhild is gonna barbecue my ass. Djordji then made the mistake of looking up. He saw the dragon still glaring daggers at him and he snorted as he continued to chuckle. Atara looked at him as if he had completely lost what little sense he had, but it wasn't until he looked at Torch's expression that he completely lost it. Torch looked at Djordji as if the childer's chuckling was ruining his evening and the smoldering look Djordji received in response set the childer off as never before.

In front of the assembled court and its guests, Djordji Petulengro let loose with a thunderous series of guffaws. He knew would probably be sent packing into the sunlight, but he didn't care. He was thinking that Regnhild would probably have him staked and placed in torpor for breaching court protocol and embarrassing the court in front of a visiting dignitary...he didn't care. Between peals of laughter, he tried to say, "My Lady Regnhild, please *guffaw* forgive me. I just *more laughter* needed a stress release. My apologies for *laughs until he nearly passes out* interrupting court in this unseemly *laugh, snort, laugh* manner..." At this point, Djordji was laughing so hard as he tried to stand that he managed to knock his chair over backward and trip himself in the process. The chidler cries out, "Whoa!" and as he lands there is a sickening snap before he starts laughing his head off again. Managing to regain his feet, he holds up his right wrist and shows it to the court and says playfully between peals of laughter, "Oops! I broke my wrist!" Djordji then beholds everyone in the room and the looks ranged from mild annoyance to outright hate. He simply did not care. He tried to talk again, but his laughter wouldn't let him. "My lady *guffaw*, I know I need to report and am anxious to do so, *snigger* but I need to catch my breath," and the absurdity of the statement sent him bent double in hoots of laughter again, "And then I'll make my report." And then the childer was off and running again, laughing his undead ass off. He ran right up to Torch, stuck his face up in Torch's as quick as hasty pudding and stuck his tongue out at him, before nimbly bouncing around to Atara. Nimbly plucking the stone from her fingers he says, "I know I've landed myself in it now. I'm between a rock," he says holding up the stone she was carving, "And a hard place," he finishes by inclining his head toward her. He regards the stone for the briefest moment before chucking it nonchalantly over his right shoulder and says point blank to her, "That's for chucking your furniture at me. I never did anything to you. Nyah." He sticks his tongue out at her as he bounds away, this time toward Raziel. The childer looks at Raziel and his feels his eyes shift to purple again and makes no attempts to hide it. "C'mere, big fella," he says to Raziel and then proceeds to growl lustfully at the Lasombra. His remarks set the childer off again and Djordji stumbles and falls as Liu's feet, curled up in a fetal position as he continues to guffaw almightily. He covers his eyes with his hands and plaintviely cries between guffaws, "I await whatever punishments *guffaw* you deem fit, my lady *deep rumbling laugh*. I'm sorry, honest." The childer remains on the floor, guffawing in a state of bemused hysterics.((OCC

"One day, I shall come back; yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine." William Hartnell as the First Doctor, Doctor Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth, copyright BBC 1964.
simbani said Dec 22, 2011 09:33:32
(OUT OF GAME NOTE: Karen asked me to post her first official reply as Patli for her as she had to close at Burger King tonight, December 21, and has to be back at work in the morning by 11 am, December 22. What follows is the result of a brainstorm between the two of us around midnight last night/earlier this evening. Any faults therefore in the portrayal of a Giovanni vampire are mine and mine alone as I do not have the necessary material at my disposal to play a Giovanni. The story that follows is taken from notes Karen gave to me. Madame Narrator, edit as needed.)

ICC))The Latino vampiress paused in her musings as she wandered down the quiet streets of Savannah in these wee hours of the morning. The dawn was coming and she knew that she would have to hurry to make it to her adopted shelter before the first rays of the sun's light arose and began to bake the flesh from her bones. She thought back to a moment when her people had first encountered the white devils from across the great expanse of the ocean centuries ago. She was glad she had not sullied herself by giving herself over to their wiles and vile attentions. She had been a priestess and revered among her people, the Aztecs. Inside her had beat a warrior's heart and she held a warrior's pride. However, secreted among the white devils from Europe, was a vampire from Clan Giovanni and shortly thereafter, she had found herself embraced.

The embrace did nothing to quench the pride she felt and the high opinion that she had of herself. She had discarded the puerile notions of deity that surrounded her people's ignorant beliefs and she had thrown herself whole heartedly into the sciences as her life and passion. She was a woman of great intellect and reason as well as Aztec passion and her pursuit of truth in the name of science left her with a lofty detachment which left others who knew her, somewhat cold in their dealings with her. To her sharpened hearing came the sounds of a conflict and her heightened senses detected vampire. Ah, she thought,I sense vampire. And where there's a vampire, there's a dead human. Let the work commence. Moving with great speed, she arrives in the alley; a quick glance at the scene before tells her that a great struggle had just occurred here and immediately, the cold detachment of the seasoned crime scene investigator comes over her.

She examines with close attention the scratch mark in the brick wall that forms that opposite side of the alleyway. A sound of birdsong reminds her once again that daylight is fast approaching and she must make for cover very soon. The body on the ground is deeply fascinating to her and she earnestly desires to examine it in greater detail. Whatever had happened here, she knew that no kindred made the mark on the wall. It felt...beastly. She knew she could carry the body, but even so, it would just be making it in time back to her secret base in the abandoned warehouse on the westernmost end of River Street and to her secret laboratory underground. She allowed herself a smile at the reaction of the prince of the city when he or she discovered Patli herself had set up a temporary base in which to conduct her scientific studies. After all, she hadn't exactly asked permission to conduct her researches. Scooping up the woman's body and hefting it like a sack of old potatoes over her shoulder with ease, she sped quickly toward her temporary base and made it to the abandoned building just as the sun began to crest the easternmost edge of the Savannah River. Patli didn't stop until she was below ground in her laboratory and she laid her treasure down on an examination table. Although she had no need, she dons her apron and gloves and disrobes the woman's body and begins her examinations in earnest...((OCC
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Atara_Durden said Dec 23, 2011 03:05:09
ICC)) Atara continued to whittle the limestone, She'd glance up as Torch took his seat in front of her, grinning and she etched deeper into the stone, looking disturbingly calm and in control of her emotions. "Regnhild will handle the lil ingrate", she thought to herself. He meant nothing too her and why should she waste her precious time worrying about a nobody that will end up getting himself killed, if he doesn't learn to appreciate help when given. She smiled wickedly as the thought of Torch's head on a platter materialized in her mind. As that thought crossed her mind she heard laughter. Snapping back into reality she realized it was the childer laughing at what she had no clue. He must be insane. What mental hosiptal released him she would never know. Her brows furrowed when he stopped by her and took the stone she had been etching. Doubting he could read the ancient symbols of her heritage, for it was a dead language and he seemed way younger than her, she didnt worry about the curse she had etched into it. She was trying to finish etching Torch's name in a cartouche to finish the curse when the childer took it. She watched him with a dismissive look that turned to one of cold indifference when he smashed it on the wall behind him. A curse can be redone, but the laughing tone was insulting and the way he spoke to her as if he were her equal made her skin crawl and took a great deal of control not to break his neck then and there. She has respect for Regnhild and thats all that kept that childer, alive for the moment. If he hadn't wanted to nearly get clobbered with her furniture he should have stayed clear of her dressing chambers. "What was he doing there anyway?", She wondered but then shrugged it off. She really didn't care. She waited for Court to begin now that the interruption has departed. Silently, she wondered what Regnhild would do. As for Alec she grabbed his hand and kissed it, sending a telepathic thought, "You should relax, we are in Court but watch Torch and be coy about it dont make it obvious. I don't want him attacking me here. Knowing him it is very likely to happen. So please keep an eye on him. Oh, and I don't like it when you speak to the childer. Thank you" With that she sheilded her thoughts and looked to Regnhild.))OCC
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regnhild said Dec 23, 2011 06:11:27

As the childer collapsed at Luilfr's feet, a disapproving frown replaced the amusement upon the tall blondes face. Luilfr started to bend down to address the situation, when he stopped and stepped back. Noting Atara's restraint, he nodded in approval and moved closer to Alec. Just as he did, Regnhildglanced toward the small woman sitting upon the sedan chair. A soft southern accented voice then addressed the visitor, "Ān Nà, qǐng yuánliàng zhège fǎtíng nèi de gānrǎo, dàn hěn kěxí, nǐ zhīdào rúhé childer kěyǐ. Tā xīn lái gǎng dìngjū dào wǒ de fǎyuàn hàn kěbēi de shì hái méiyǒu láidejí tiáozhěng dào zhèlǐ xūyào de xiéyì hé qīwàng. Rúguǒ nǐ yǔnxǔ wǒ, dàn yīgè duǎnzàn de shíkè, zhēnduì zhè zhǒng qíngkuàng, wǒmen jiāng nénggòu kāishǐ méiyǒu rènhé jìnyībù sāoluàn." The visitor graciously nodded her reply, the men about her nodded toward Regnhild, and the small finger on Regnhild's left hand lifted slightly. As it did, Halifax nodded, and when he did a slight whirring is heard. The whirring continued as Halifax literally flew to the childer, mumbled a few words, and in that instant, a gold plate was bolted to his mouth. Before the laughing childer realized that he was unable to speak, Halifax teleported himself and the childer to the Ravenous seat at the table and the childer was placed upright with his hands on his lap and frozen into place. Regnhild then stood, and walked toward the childer. Halifax backed away slowly keeping his eyes on Djordji. When Regnhild reached the childer, she looked at him, though not taller than his seated self, her presence made the kinder feel ever so small indeed. "Oh wee one, You know you have been a very very bad boy just now don't you?" Regnhild asked in a dangerously soft and smooth voice," What kind of impression have you left upon our guests here? Now how shall we make this right and leave them with a good impression of you, I wonder? She paused, tapping her dainty foot, arms crossed with a finger tapping her face. She then snapped her fingers together, and slowly traced a finger down Djordji's face and jawline. "Let's give her a gift, shall we?" Regnhild, then held her hand out to Halifax, who had somehow procured a set of clipping shears, with which Regnhild then proceeded to shave all the hair off of Djordji's hair, leaving not one strand to mar the now bald surface. She then picked up the long luxurious locks off the floor and placed them into an ornate box that was carved with dragons, with exception of one. The box had several inlaid woods, and Regnhild then took the box and placed it upon the table beside her chair. The one reserved she blew across and the lock turned into a jade bangle which she then presented to the visitor. Regnhild then nodded toward Halifax and the whirring sounded again, as he approached his preferred spot in the room. Djordji, still frozen in place, could only watch these proceedings.
When the whirring stopped, the court settled again to begin. Regnhild looked out from Charlie's chair, and into the room.
"Dear friends, we have had some interesting news come up in the last few hours. But first let's discuss what has taken place in our mission from the previous night.As usual, I let you open the court with your recollections, then we shall introduce business, and plan our next move. Just so everyone knows, Rathain will report his findings tommorrow eve, due to time restraints he was unable to make it. The floor is now yours." Regnhild made a small waving gesture with her hand, and the visitor continued to admire the jade bangle.
regnhild said Dec 29, 2011 06:16:28


Regnhild looked about the room, at the smug Torch, calm, very calm Atara, Rosalina, who was watching intently and the never failing to put his proverbial foot in fire childer, she saw no immediate response forthcoming. With this observation, she nodded toward Halifax, who walked toward the immobile childer. Upon reaching him, Halifax leaned toward Djordji and with little to no care removed the plate that was over his mouth, restraining the laughter that the childer had upset the court with earlier.
Regnhild looked toward the childer and with a glint in her eye said softly, " You may speak now, but beware,this is to inform all present as to the status of the mission that you were sent on this last eve. I suggest deeply that you apply the degree of seriousness warranted for the situation. With this in mind, please address the court restating what your mission was, and the end result of the mission. If you are unable to, I have no qualms with replacing the plate over your mouth at anytime. As such it may still be replaced for your behavior from earlier. So please, share." She gestured to the court again.
And Halifax stayed near the childer's chair.
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Djordji said Dec 31, 2011 00:21:38
ICC))Djordji was TERRIFIED. He was in awe of Regnhild, that was true, but the elder vampiress also terrified him. He knew he had screwed up royally. However, he thought to himself, she didn't stake me and have me placed in torpor or thrown out into the sun, so, maybe, just maybe, she'll be merciful. Djordji tried to remain cautiously optimistic. However, something in the back of his mind said that this was far from over. He tried, ever so slightly to move one of his remained locked solidly in place. And he didn't DARE to meet the petite blonde's eyes. And so, like the whipped puppy he felt like, he proceeded, all the while trying to gather the scraps of his dignity about him. You're still're still're still alive... He continued to say to himself like a mantra...

"Thank you for according me the privilege of speaking first, Lady Regnhild. May I just take opportunity to apologize to our honored guest and to the assembled court. As acting Primogen of Clan Ravnos, a privilege granted by Lady Renghild, my actions reflected poorly on not only my clan, but this court here assembled and the Prince who resides over said court.
Our mission, that of Torch and myself, was to investigate rumors of strange occurrences in the Bonaventure Cemetery out in the Thunderbolt area," Djordji paused to consider mentioning the dragon, whom he did not cast his eyes over to see if it was still perched on the back of the sedan chair. If it was, he didn't want to know. "We made our way through the cemetery, and happened upon a group of dark robed figures. I managed to charm one of the humans, a young girl of about fifteen. I was hoping that I could use my powers of charm to get the necessary information that my lady sent us to retrieve. I never got the chance to question the girl, members of the court. As soon as she was bespelled, Torch proceeded to make a snack out of her and then he proceeded to attack the rest of the group. He showed no," and at this point Djordji lifted his gaze slightly to meet Regnhild's own piercing green stare, "and I'm preaching to myself here, but Torch showed absolutely no decorum in dealing with the robed figures. At this point, the story becomes somewhat muddled, my lady. I asked Torch to help me down, because, somehow or other, I managed to teleport up into a nearby tree. I swear to you, this is not a joke. I don't know how, but I ended up in a tree. As far as I'm aware, teleportation is not a kindred ability. Torch then thumped the tree one good time and I ended up tumbling out of the tree and landing in a heap at his feet. However the shenanigans didn't stop there. We both heard a feminine voice taunting us and we proceeded after it. But in our haste, Torch managed to stumble over a headstone and in a fit of pique, I..." Djordji stopped and considered his next words, VERY carefully. Finally after a brief and hurried run through his options, Djordji decided that he simply could not go on with out divulging the information about the dragon and Torch's near murder of him. He spoke again, "My Lady Regnhild, at this point, I cannot continue in my account of the evening's activities without showing you and all assembled here part of the results from last evening's outing. I assure you that this is not a trick of any sort designed to waste the court's time. However, without showing you the strange markings I have now come to bear, I cannot continue in my relating the evening's events to you, nor can I conclude with my opinions. I apologize in advance because I realize that further relaying my account to the court could be easily dismissed as somewhat...fanciful." At that Djordji stopped and pursed his lips tightly together and cast his gaze to the ornate table where he suddenly found the polish and lines in the woodwork VERY interesting.((OCC
"One day, I shall come back; yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine." William Hartnell as the First Doctor, Doctor Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth, copyright BBC 1964.
regnhild said Dec 31, 2011 02:22:34
Regnhild watched the childer's actions closely, when he finished what he would say publicly, she tapped her chair with her fingers. She didn't like delays, nor did she like what she had heard up to this point in his statement. She took a deep breath, waited and breathe deeply again, looked about the room, stood up; walked to the Asian woman, shrugged past her guards and whispered something to her. Reg again stood, sauntered past the Primogen on the left side of the table, approached Halifax, whispered to him, he abruptly nodded his response, then Reg crossed to the childer. "Ok, looks like things are going to get interesting from here on out. I am going to excuse myself and the childer momentarily from this court for a brief time, during that time, if you would please remain here. Halifax will see that things remain orderly while I am away. Also, I ask that Raziel and Luilfr join myself and the childer so I will have a witness to what he wishes to convey. Childer, remember this is your request and if I or the witnesses deem that this is indeed a waste of our time, and the time of this honored Primogen, then you will wish that the sun would never rise again. I hear that BBQed Vamp is all the rage at the local Sabbat club." With these words, Regnhild snapped her fingers and the childer's inability to move dropped. Regnhild then walked toward the right side of the room, through a hidden door in the wall that had appeared and stepped through into a smaller parlor type room, with a fireplace set into the southern wall which the door was hidden in. This room was furnished with antique leather chairs, a chaise lounge covered in the same buttery leather as the chairs, a small table sat between the two chairs and the lounge. Upon the table were crystal cordial glasses and decanter. A Victorian chandelier dropped from the 15 ft hardwood ceiling. Silk covered the walls, and a plush Oriental carpet covered the floor.
Regnhild skimmed over the carpet and stood in front of the lounge, turned facing the fireplace, gestured for Raziel and Lueilfr to each take a seat and then Regnhild settled upon the lounge and nodded toward the wayward childer."Speak for you have been granted the audience you so desired. It is in your best interest at this time to divulge all you know, for you shan't have a second chance. And as I so stated earlier.. it better not be a waste of our time." She looked toward the childer with the same glint in her eye as earlier.
Djordji said Dec 31, 2011 03:26:51
ICC))Djordji looked quickly at the two vampires that flanked Regnhild. The childer knew all too well that he was treading a very thin, fine line and she was holding his very unlife in her hands as was he himself. For all the reaction that they displayed, Lord Liulfr and Raziel both could have been carved from marble and Regnhild's very posture and demeanor that Djordji sensed had him feeling as if his continued existence hung heavily upon the next few minutes.

He sighed and his breath shuddered...the childer felt his body begin to shake and he grabbed a nearby chair to steady himself. He didn't dare to sit in Reghnild's presence. Not daring to meet her gaze, the childer began to speak in a faltering voice that threatened to abandon him. He didn't know how else to start except to restate his apology to the senior kindred before him, "My lords and lady, I humbly apologize again. I..." and he bit off his words knowing his time was growing perilously short. He tried again, "My lords and lady. Everything that I had told the court is true as I have bore witness to it personally. I was hesitant to mention other occurrences as I feared that I would not be taken seriously and the only proof I can offer are the strange marks upon my hands and wrists. What I neglected to tell the court was that as Torch and I made our way to the cemetery, I noticed the golden dragon again. It was the same dragon that I saw on the dome of city hall when I arrived two nights ago. The dragon seemed to be taunting me. At first it appeared on the dashboard of the I watched, the dragon aimed at the Anarch symbol on Torch's coat and shot a blue streak of flame at it. Torch I supposed thought I was trying to light him on fire and reached over to attack me. I noticed the dragon then teleport to the back seat of the car and he winked at me mischievously. He then proceeded to shrink in size to the size of a coin. By that point we had arrived at the cemetery. It was then that we happened upon the robed figures and I managed to charm the young human. You know what Torch did then. What I didn't want to tell the court and be thought of as more of a fool was that when Torch tripped as we were pursuing the feminine voice, he tripped over the dragon. He thought it was a headstone, but the dragon had grabbed Torch's ankle causing him to bump into me and then we both went down in a tumble of arms and legs. When I turned to look to see the cause of our falling, I saw the dragon holding onto Torch and he looked at me and was shaking his head no. That's when I gave into my fit of pique. I blessed the dragon out and after I did so, I heard in my head a voice say to me, 'Some lessons are hard learned.' My hands had been having a strange burning and tingling feeling in them all evening and I didn't know why. But after I heard what I'm presuming was the dragon's voice in my head, I saw silver gauntlets materialize around my hands and then they proceeded to fall off and fade away. I was immediately seized by a terrible pain and burning the likes of which I had never known," As he continued to speak, the childer felt himself calming somewhat, but he still kept his gaze on the floor in front of him, "I was squirming on the ground with the pain and I'm sure Torch must have thought that I had taken a complete and total leave of my senses...But then it happened again. As I had done when Torch attacked the robed people, I felt myself teleport again. I saw myself dissolve in a shower of golden-white orbs of light only to land about waist deep in the murky waters of the river. My hands began to instantly cool and within minutes the pain had faded away. I called out to Torch to let him know where I was and I managed to slog my way out of the river and back to Torch. When I reached him, he started to open up about himself a little. He was telling me about the Anarchs and in some small way, his story almost sounded like a recruitment call for me to consider. I think I'll stay aligned with the Camarilla...But when I reached Torch I showed him my hands and wrists and the strange emblems that were now embedded in my flesh. In the middle of asking him about them, he told me to shut up and refused to discuss it anymore. At that point I only wanted to leave the cemetery and get back here to court to report on our mission. It was then that my vice reared it's head and I was trying to impress on Torch that I needed to leave in a hurry, but in my effort to convey my urgency to him, I touched his shoulder and he then punched me and I flew clear across the cemetery to land in the ornate tomb at the front gate. We were near the river when he punched me. My best estimate is that he knocked me one-half to three quarters of a mile through trees and vegetation before I crashed through a solid marble wall. I didn't have any time to realize what had happened to me before I "orbed" for want of a better word into what appeared to be a hall of mirrors established in an abandoned church. I was there for just a few scant minutes before I "orbed" again and landed in the bedroom upstairs. I had crawled out of bed and attempted to call an animal which is what I believed alerted Lord Liulfr to my presence outside Lord Raziel's room." The childer stopped and took a deep breath although he had no need to. He continued, "Lady Regnhild, everything I have spoken here is the truth. I showed my hands and wrists to Lord Liulfr when he escorted me back to bed. You can see for yourself," The childer held his hands out for the trio to see, "I've been marked. I'm sure everyone doubts I've seen this dragon, but I have. My hands are the proof. But I'm puzzled as to why there were silver gauntlets on my hands...I'm kindred. No can kindred can handle silver. I wondered if the dragon was maybe protecting me from some sorcery of Torch's I'm not privy to. I'm clueless, but I wonder what the dragon wants of me? Forgive me my lady, but I even entertained the notion that the dragon was somehow connected to you as I noticed you wear dragon-styled armbands. But since I arrived back here I noticed that I've had strange dreams or that Torch had done more serious damage than I first realized, because at one point I awoke screaming the name Amadeus and I don't know any Amadeus and secondly, there was a painting in the hall that caught my attention for some reason as I was heading to court. I looked up at it and then I remember waking up only to see that I had apparently blacked out. And that's my story. That's everything that happened up until just before my little episode in court...well, that and almost being brained senseless by Lady Atara throwing artifacts out in the hall." Djordji stopped speaking and started staring at the floor again. He hadn't cried, but he was still shaking and he continued to hold his hands out for the trio to see. He wondered what the collective response would be as he stared holes into the carpet. The childer did take consolation in one thought as his Ravnos nature began to speak to him: Even if Regnhild decided to serve him up as childer BBQ at a Sabbat shindig, maybe Torch would, at the very least, get his comeuppance as well.((OCC
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"One day, I shall come back; yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine." William Hartnell as the First Doctor, Doctor Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth, copyright BBC 1964.
regnhild said Dec 31, 2011 05:53:39

Regnhild looked from Raziel to Luilfr, then stood and walked around the table toward Djordji. When she reached him, she stopped in front of him, stroked his cheek down to his chin,and pulled his chin upward. "One should never face downward, unless one is unworthy of being...." she stated, as her hands moved to grab each of his hands and examine them thoroughly. She let his hands drop to his sides and returned to her lounge without saying anything in regard to his markings. Djordji could not discern any trace of emotion, surprise or otherwise upon her face. The image of a poker table with all the stakes in Regnhild's hands crossed his mind and everyone thinking they had one over on her.
"Now to address the concern you have about my torcs, let us just say, I know the country from which you hail, so to return the favor, one of my favorite countries just happens to revere the dragon and as such, I honor that belief. Is that a suffice enough answer for you? Regarding the feminine voice you heard, why were you following the voice, what did it say, who was it? Do you have any of these answers? Do you have any other strange and unfounded occurrences that you wish to divulge? Due to what I recollect you have had since arriving here:
1. Seen a dragon, a golden one... What type? Western, Eastern, Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Wyrm, etc?
2. Been given a mission to reach status in my court, which you failed, due to a feeding frenzy that you claimed you started.
3. Have disrupted this court on more than one occasion, even when warned and given leniency..
4. Have developed a trait of teleportation whom, few if any elders have.
5. Apparently need a trainer due to your lack of understanding your clan, and talents.
Am I missing anything? Did I leave anything out?

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Djordji said Dec 31, 2011 09:51:24
ICC))Djordji shivered. Regnhild's caress seem to him to hold the promise of pleasures and rewards undreamt of for services rendered well and tortures inconceivable for failures endured. He was still scared and still fought to choose his words carefully. He was a mouse caught in her's cat's gaze and right now he had her full attention. He thought back to try and remember what the voice had said. So much had happened in the intervening time to him since the mission and he had been up in a tree when the strange being spoke to him and Torch. But he had heard the voice and...the smells! He remembered the smells! How could he have forgotten? The childer dared and took a step toward Regnhild and began to speak again.

"Lady Regnhild the voice addressed Torch and I whilst I was up in the oak tree in the cemetery. I remember that she spoke while Torch was feeding from the girl that I had bespelled with my charm ability. I had used my charm because I remember that Torch was near frenzy. I was fearful of breaking the Masquerade with the group around and I deemed that my ability to charm would garner the answers that we sought while preventing a break in the Masque. It was to no avail. Torch frenzied all the same. After he had fed from the girl and discarded her dead carcass to the ground, he turned and begin to lay into the rest of the assembled group with lightning speed. That was the point when we heard the voice. I remember it wafted on the breeze and it sounded like it was pouting. It said, 'Ahhh, you didn't save me any.' There was the scent of jasmine and cinnamon that filled the air. I looked down out of the tree while she spoke and noticed what appeared to be silhouette in the shadow of the tree. That was all I could see. When I got down out of the tree, I railed at Torch for losing control and told him that we had been sent to find answers, not slaughter innocent humans. I told him that I wanted answers and that I felt that the owner of the voice had them and that's when I stormed off to try to find her or it. That was just before the dragon stopped us and my hands were branded." Djordji paused a moment in his reminiscences and chuckled slighly. "Torch said I was still too human and that humans are merely cattle. Maybe he's right and I've been still trying to view the world as Djordji Petulengro, human prince of the Rroma. The Ravnos, even after they embrace their Rroma kinsmen, still maintain close ties with the family. It is rare for a Ravnos to sever all ties with the clan. That's why I was sent to discover what I could about Alec. Our Rroma brethren were concerned. In our tribe he was always a bit of the outcast, but Baba Sofia, who is our tribe's chivani, tasked me with the job of finding him and last reports were that he had been seen here. However, I digress." Djordji paused a moment to gather his thoughts again. He was still on Regnhild's short list, that much was certain, and it wouldn't do to get sidetracked. He thought this starting here and for future references to the elders in this court, he would use the accepted forms of address from his tribe. He continued, his accent becoming more pronounced as he did so, "Rani Renghild, to answers your questions: The dragon was a regal beast indeed. I remembered as Rroma Prince of my kumpania, that we often dealt with our Rroma relations in the Celtic islands of the United kingdom. As such I was not unschooled in my people's myths and lore, and we traded stories as my people have a strong and proud oral tradition. I remember once discussing the topic dragons and I believe the dragon in question is a Celtic dragon. Therefore I would have to say that it is a western dragon. It is a noble looking beast. It has scales of gold that glittered in the lights atop the dome of city hall. Its wings were folded back and the head had what appeared to be horns coming off the back of its head and extending toward its wings. On it's great snout appeared to be fleshy folds that hung down over it's mouth proper. And when the court's guest appeared this evening, the dragon was in court. It was perched on the back of your guest's sedan chair. It stared at me in much the same fashion as you yourself have this session of court. It seems I have not one, not two, but three strikes against me already." Djordji sincerely hoped he had not sealed his fate just then, and his fear returned twofold. He nevertheless continued on with his story, "I have, I believe, given you the answer to your second question. I was trying to prevent a breach of the Masquerade, to reiterate. To address your third statement, I know that I am skirting oblivion. Contrary to the impression I may give, that is foremost on my mind. As for the teleportation, I can't give you any answers as I simply don't have them. If I had, I would tell you instantly. As for your fifth my clan I never had to rely on my talents. Even after my embrace I was sheltered. I don't recall anything about the night I was embraced, except for waking in the middle of the night to find my human parents dead and I don't know if it was at my hands or someone else's. This Waffediyok is all that I have with which to remember my mother by. And all I know of it is that she told me legends of its protective power for members of our kumpania. That pretty much addresses all your questions and statements except for maybe one last thing. I seem to be afflicted as it were with a strange power of manifestation. I don't know if it is an aberration of my Chimerstry power or not. But when I become greatly distressed and start to panic, I manifest an image of a phoenix. I can't control it and I tend to go into a catatonic state. In a case, such as now when I feel endangered or scared or trapped, the phoenix tends to manifest. I can only suppose that you have Elysium raised in this room and that's why the phoenix hasn't manifested in the last several hours. But I am, to coin a phrase, as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and if you require proof that what I say is true, then I ask you to allow me to prove it to you and Rai Liulfr and Rai Raziel. I don't think you'll be disappointed." The childer then moved back to where he had been standing previously wondering if he would indeed be put to the test. Almost as an afterthought, he whispered, "I know that I can still be a useful and productive member of this court." He then lapsed into an uneasy silence and waited which was all he could do.((OCC
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"One day, I shall come back; yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine." William Hartnell as the First Doctor, Doctor Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth, copyright BBC 1964.
regnhild said Dec 31, 2011 22:02:55

Regnhild waited calmly for the childer to expound upon his statements, no fluctuation of emotion was shown during his spiel. She just waited and watched. When he finished, she once again stood and walked toward him. As she reached him, she lifted the token from Djordji's mother, the Waffediyok from around his neck and his crest ring from his hand, walked back to the box that held his shaven locks and placed the new items atop of them. Once she had these settled inside, she then manipulated the box in several different forms and once it was settled into a box shape again, she split the little box into three separate shapes. After which she stood again and nodded curtly toward Djordji. Before he could make any type of statement, the hidden door swooshed open; and entered Molly with a grin on her face as she glanced upward at the childer.
Regnhild looked intently at the little china doll, handed the doll one box, with which the doll left the room with, only to return and gather up the second of the three and departed again. Molly reentered the room, nodded toward Regnhild, left once again, and after a few moments, reentered with Atara. Once Atara was in the room, just inches from the door, that very door once again closed.
"Atara, please listen to my words, for this childer hath made fools of us in our own court and as part of his retribution to us, I am placing him in your hands for your tutelage with the appropriate court protocol. Under you guidance he will learn how to appear in court, what needs to be addressed from the Primogens chair (basically how to become a leader),when the appropriate time to be a wise cracker is, the modicum of respect that each one of you has earned. You will have carte blanche control over him. With only the limitation of his death. That is still my domain. As your teaching him these skills, teach him how to cope within our world, apparently he still believes he is human, therefore not accustomed to our ways. You will become his teacher, his protector, his worst nightmare, and his savior after this meeting. Who knows along the way you may get some rest.
Now Atara, do you accept this honor?"
Regnhild watched from under her eyelashes.
Atara_Durden said Dec 31, 2011 23:12:18
ICC)) Atara would stand there and listen to Regnhild meeting her eyes and holding them as Regnhild spoke. Hearing that the childer will be under her command made Katra smirk mischeviously. The only thing she couldn't do was kill him, well that took some of her excitement away, but still she respected Regnhild and she would do as she wished. Not killing the childer would be hard but Atara could manage, She could still make him wish he was BBQed today instead of given to her as her protege. Atara would nod and speak in soft tone to Regnhild. "I will do as you wish , My Prince." With that she would bow her head in respect and remain silent.((OOC
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