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The Tour of the Rose... (Rosalina's Tale)

posted Jun 15, 2011 14:00:26 by regnhild
As the stage lights dimmed a final time, Rosalina sensed a need to return home... a yawing need. She met with her manager and cancelled her shows in China's interior. As she was making her way to her basement apartment, lined with ebony velvet and satin, to don her silken robes to relax before her return trip home, she was spotted by two amber eyes that followed her movements. As silent as a cat, the owner of the eyes followed her to her safe house and sat within the shadows to wait.
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regnhild said Jun 17, 2011 12:03:59
As Rosalina laid down to relax, the night sky darken to a solid ebony mantle. No light from the moon, or stars shown through. The locals thought an incoming storm was brewing.How close to the truth they were. The waiting amber eyes became suspicious of the sudden atmosphere change and crept closer to the basement apartment. As it did, the doorway open with a burst of energy, and Rosaline came floating past; apparently unware of the happening about her as if in a stupor. The amber eyes carefully examined her passage, saw a vague outline of what was supporting her; and jumped aboard. The owner of the eyes laughed to themselves; for the majestic Roaslina was floating about in her silken night dress; something they knew would enrage her fierce pride.
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