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Regnhild's Revenge

posted Jun 15, 2011 13:52:37 by regnhild
As the full moon glinted over the river, the waters churned hard and fast, creating froth to send further downstream, Regnhild gazed into the night, sniffing the air for any scent that led to them. The ones that dare harm Charley, the ones that dared to cross the Savannah Camerillia. A snap is heard behind her, as a twig broke under the weight of some frightened night beast, it sensing that danger rode on the shoulders of the blonde cloaked in the silver shimmer of moonlight. Danger and Death....
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regnhild said Jun 17, 2011 00:35:41
Soon after Regnhild finished staring off into the night, the moon sinking deeper into the horizon. "Must return" she thought.
"Before the suns rises and I lose all control." AS the mists deepen from the dew settling in, Regnhild seems to fade away into them. Soon the morning birds were announcing the dawn, as the waves gently lapped onto the shore. Looking around the little field mouse could sense its safety again.
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