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A Summons Sent: ...Related Players ALL

posted Jun 12, 2011 12:11:02 by regnhild
New Arrival....
posted Jun 05, 2011 by regnhild

Late into the night... just before dawn, a cruise ship pulling into the ports of Savannah. The mist rolls up from the sea following the soundless passage of the ship. Aboard there is quiet efficient movement as the seaman's duties are fulfilled.
As he offloads, taking a deep breath of the humid Savannah air, he stretches his muscular frame up to his full height of 6'1", dark suede pants mold along his legs as a loose linen blouse completes his outfit.
Dark hair teases the breeze, as his silken brown eyes take in the harbor. Tall building, still bustling with nightlife meet his gaze. As he looks he notes some odd actions of the locals, but shrugs... different country, different rules. Just as he grabs his black leather bag and tosses it over his shoulder; he notices two men approaching him from across the port. One was as big as a house, burly and beefy, dressed in a muscle shirt with black leather pants, biker boots; the other was smaller, dressed in an old army jacket with some kinda of insignia imprinted on the back, leather pants , leather biker boots and a torn tee shirt, again in black, he had long black hair that he wore loose.

((Enter Jay and Torch))

Denese Durden Rhoney said 4 days ago

Jay stumbles over Torch's trench coat and falls on his face in front of the new arrival. Thus causing Torch to fall into a mud puddle.

Shahn Schumacher said 4 days ago

Shahn Schumacher
ICC))Djordji picks his left leg up and looks at his mud-splattered black suede pants leg and black leather boot. He gives a sigh of resignation and mutters under his breath in mock resignatino, "Welcome to Savannah," before clasping his hands in front of him and rocking back and forth on his heels. Eying the two men before him, he asks, "Can you two gentlemen show me the way to Madame Esmeralda's? I have business of a most urgent nature that I must attend to post haste." ((OCC

Denese Durden Rhoney said 3 days ago

ICC))Hey Torch What are you doing?- Hey this guy we need to pick up should we eat him or buy a Pizza and play some cards with him?((OCC

Shahn Schumacher said 3 days ago

Shahn Schumacher
ICC))"Oh, you two must be my escorts, Tweedledum and Tweedledummer." Djordji chuckles. "What? Not so much as a smile gentlemen? I was only trying to lighten the mood. I see you're both the big, strong, silent types. I am at your mercy. But now that you mention it, pizza and a beer sounds like a good way to break the ice...better than breaking me into a million pieces, anyway..."((OCC

regnhild said about 11 hours ago

A mist rolls in off the river, cloaking everything in a silver shimmer. A muted chuckle is heard after Djordji makes his introduction; then out of Jay's pockets appears two pizzas... and Torch was suddenly toting a keg of Savannah's best.

Shahn Schumacher said about 6 hours ago

Shahn Schumacher
ICC))"Ohhhh, goodie, I just love disembodied voices with my dinner; it always adds that extra little air of mystery. Well, what have we here, hmmm? Pizza, beer, a full moon and the evening mists, the only thing missing is a red and white checkered table cloth and some soft music on a violin. It all makes me feel rather nostalgic. Come gentlemen! A tàble! A tàble!" Djordji says this last with a sly grin and a mischievous twinkle in his brown eyes and helps himself to some pizza, not at all concerned about where exactly it was that the pizza materialized from. ((OCC

Meanwhile, deeper into the city.


Search for David....
posted Jun 05, 2011 by regnhild

Amongst the fighing for the Anarchs turf, six of the Anrachs ran.... DAvid close to frenzy and in a bloodlust chased after the six. Leaving a light trail to follow, David left behind signs of his frenzy growing....

((Enters Rathain))

Rathain feels suddenly anxious and uneasy... the urge for fulfillment gathered within him. Though this was not like all the times before... this was not his thirst.

JohnDurden said about 7 hours ago

Grabbing his Wakashai, 1911 MEU ,and his dagger off the mantle Rath goes out back of his place leaving Vashawn a note that training for the next couple of days is off and taking his Motorcycle out of the buildings loading bay he checks his cell for Regs text about Davids last known location and heads that way.

regnhild said about 7 hours ago

ICC))(Reg's Text) Last Atara saw him, he was chasing six Anarchs toward Thunderbolt.((OCC

Meanwhile, David was struggling against the beast. He was fighting to keep the masquerade going. But he hungered, the beast striving to get out. His blue eyes darkened with need as he sniffed the molded air.
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